Ultra-Light and Durable Case

Maintain the feel of a phone without a case.

Our case offer protection while remaining thin and incredibly comfortable to use.

MagSafe Compatible

Embrace the full potential of MagSafe charging.

Our case seamlessly integrates with Magnetic accessories, providing a flawless MagSafe solution.


Engineered for iPhone Perfection

Precision Engineered for Your iPhone

Comfort Elevated to New Heights

Unmatched iPhone Comfort Experience

Seamless MagSafe Integration

Experience The Power of MagSafe Inside The Case

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews

I received my case on the 12th of April and I’m super happy with my purchase. It truly is an amazing product,I love how thin the case is and how light weight it is. Exactly as describe. It was truly worth the wait. I recommend this case to anyone and everyone who likes a slick and lightweight case that takes care of business.

Carlos D Caceres
Great case

The case is perfect, that is why this is the second one I’ve ordered, but you only sent one of the camera lens protector. My order was for the case and two lenses and before I found out how your claim process is I had thrown out the paperwork. That’s my only complaint.

Jose Rosales

Case fit my phone perfectly. I like how thin it is.
Overall I like it 100%

Rickie Wilson
Awesome Case

Love this case. It isn’t bulky and it doesn’t get hung up in my pocket when I go to retrieve it. Really glad I purchased it.

Pascal Bunjes
Very satisfied

The design is unique and thoughtful. It’s compatible with every screen protector imaginable. The thin case also lies very lightly in your hand with a nice grip

Frequently asked questions about this product

How thin is the case?

The case is 1 mm thin.

Why is a thin case good?

A slim case does not add any extra bulk to your phone, preserving its sleek and stylish design. With a slim case, you don't have to sacrifice the appearance of your device for protection while still maintaining the feel of a caseless phone.

Does the case have glass lens protection?

No, it is only an elevation above the camera lenses that protects the camera if you were to place the phone on a flat surface.To maximize protection, we offer a camera protector in glass that can be purchased.

Are there cutouts for the buttons or are they buttons?

There are external buttons on the case that protect the real buttons and make them easy to access.

Does the case have a dedicated external button for the action button?

Yes, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have an additional button for the action button, while the other models instead have a dedicated cutout for the mute switch.

Does the case extend a bit over the screen?

Yes, the case goes a little over the screen, which protects against scratches if you put the phone on a flat surface.

Does the case work with wireless charging?

Our cases are 100% compatible with wireless charging.

How fast is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on which shipping option is selected at checkout.

30 Day-Money Back
Dispatched Within 24h